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Disadvantages Brought About by DUI Cases


DUI is an acronym for driving under the influence which is also known by other terms in different places such as OPL or over the prescribed limit, and DWI or driving while intoxicated. The major detrimental effect brought about by driving under the influence is DUI related accidents. DUI related accidents may cause damages to the spinal cord, head injuries, paralyzing injuries and it accounts for almost 30 individual deaths every day. Because of the disadvantages of DUI it is considered to be a grave criminal offense and majority of the different States in the U.S. have already implemented stricter laws regarding driving under the influence.

One disadvantage of being convicted with DUI is that your license can be revoked or suspended; because of this your driving rights are momentarily taken away. Depending on the degree of the case, your license can be withdrawn without notice on when it will be given back and may be withdrawn indefinitely. Another consequence brought about by DUI cases are fees and fines; the amount of the fine depends on the degree of damage and number of offenses done. Fees and fines approximately range from $1,500-$2000.

If you have been involved in a DUI case before, it will affect your driving record which can affect your credibility when applying for car insurance. Being involved in a DUI case can incur an expensive premium on your car. Being convicted with DUI can also incur service in the community in the form of voluntary services such as participating in events, cleanups, and charity organizations.

The most grave disadvantage or consequence of being convicted with DUI is serving jail time. Depending on the damages that you have done you may serve from a time of 3 months to over 2 years, what’s even worse is that if you have been involved in a DUI accident that resulted to a felony with injury you may serve jail time to about 5 years. In order to prevent being convicted with DUI it is best that you hire DUI Lawyer Pros.

If you are interested in hiring a DUI lawyer in San Diego it is best that you hire a lawyer that has compassion, ethical, and determined, so you are rest assured that your DUI charge will be dropped. Finding a good lawyer is very significant so that you wouldn’t have to face the consequences and disadvantages mentioned above (brought about by a DUI conviction).

Let Your Car Accident Lawyer Do All the Work!

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Many people think that getting a lawyer to settle their car accident claims and settlements makes the process more complicated. This is where there are a lot of misconception about the car accident lawyers. The truth is car accident lawyers can make your life easy because they will be able to sort out things in relation to your car accident in a short amount of time and in a legal way, something which you may have trouble dealing with especially if you are still trying to recover from your car accident. People tend to think that settling their car accident issues always has to end up in a lawsuit.

In reality, most car accident cases get settled even before a trial starts and you can only achieve this by getting a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles! For this, you can contact the Los Angeles Car Accident Pros! This is a good way of handling the car accident admin proceedings to make sure that you get the maximum settlement benefit that you should get from the person who got you involved into the accident and also so you can get the maximum possible claims from your insurance company! Everyone who has handled car accident cases on their own can attest that it can be very stressful as they have to do all the overwhelming work while dealing with physical or physiological injuries. This is something that you can entrust with your car accident lawyer as they have dealt with many cases of this nature and they already know all the possibilities that the other side might do! They can get you a fair settlement before the trial but, if the case does have to be heard in court, they can stand as your representative and will be able to make a strong case against the defense of the person who had you involved in the accident. Insurance claims can also be stressful at this point. This is because it is not new knowledge that insurances can find ways to minimize the claimable benefits but you don’t have to worry as your car accident lawyer can take care of that! They can make a demand letter for the settlement of your insurance claims!

If you had been involved in a car accident and would need legal representation then you can contact Los Angeles Car Accident Pros! Call them or visit their website to learn more about their services and to set your initial appointment today!

Understanding the Penalties of a DUI Arrest

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You should understand that law enforcers are just doing their jobs when they stop you and check if you are drinking under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But instead of stressing over your driver’s license getting confiscated, you need to focus on how you can defend your case in court. With this, you need the services of experienced defense Los Angeles DUI lawyer who can provide you with the legal advice.

LA DUI Lawyer Pros have over 50 years of combined experience handing more than 1,000 DUI cases in Los Angeles County. And their legal practice is the field of workers compensation, personal injury, DUI and criminal cases. They offer free consultation and provide honest and upfront advice about what needs to be done to help you win your case. A DUI offense may result to payment of fines, suspension of driver’s license, jail time, probation and attendance of DUI education programs. It would depend on how many offense have you committed in the span of 10 years. A first time offender with no aggravating factors may from 48 hours to 6 months in jail, fines of up to $1,800, enrollment in an alcohol and drug program for 3 to 9 months, suspension of driver’s license for 6 to 8 months and a DUI probation of 3-5 years.

For a second time offender, it could mean alcohol treatment for 18 to 30 months, jail time of 96 hours to 1 year, driver’s license suspension of up to 2 years, a DUI probation of 3 to 5 years, up to $1,800 in fines and installation of ignition interlock device in all vehicles registered under the name of the offender.

A third time offender can face from 4 months to 1 year of jail time, 3 years divers license suspension, attendance to 30 months of court order approved DUI education program, 3-5 years’ probation and fines up to $1,800. It will also result to being designated as a “habitual traffic offender” by the California DMV.

A fourth DUI offense is already considered a felony DUI. The sentence may involve incarceration in the California State Prison from 16 months to 3 years, revocation/ suspension of the offender’s driver’s license for 4 years and being designated as a “habitual traffic offender”. There will be a different sentence in the case where the DUI resulted to death. In the case of injury, the offender may be asked to pay a find ranging from $390 to $5,000 and financial restitution to all injured parties involved.