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Best Things to Do After Car Accident


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What is the best thing to do right after a car accident? That is the common question received by a Los Angeles car accident lawyer. With the many cases handled by that law firm in Los Angeles, most victims who are being fry into their own pan are those who did not know how to keep silent after a car accident. Car accident lawyers always give advice that the first step to make after car accident is to be silent. That could be as simple as it could seem but you have to remember the rule of law. Hearsays are not accepted in courts. Even admissions sometimes have its proper place. You may wonder but you have to be aware that a simple gesture of apology or acceptance is possible to be used against you.

What you need to take notes are statements said by the other party. Your phone and other electronic devices could be used to gather recordings of voice and other incidents while you are in an accident scene. The best thing that you can do is gather more details of the accident by all means. You need to get the name of the driver, his address and his license number. Any insurance information would be helpful, as well.

There are also other evidences that you can preserve just like the contact information of the witness, road and traffic descriptions, weather conditions and the photographs you’ve taken (vehicles photo especially). A video camera in your phone would be useful this time. Record the accident scene up close and from a distance. Take a shot on the exact traffic location including signs, billboards and so forth. Don’t forget to tally the names of the police officers who responded in the accident so that you won’t have a hard time getting copies of reports from them.

Seeking medical attention immediately is very important. You may have injuries that are not noticeable at first but they become more visible as time passes. Do not let other driver’s attorney belittle your injuries just based it that you did not feel to be treated right away.

But with everything that you can do after, car accident in preserving your right to be compensated, calling a car accident lawyer is the best move. You need to click this webpage www.lacaccidentpros.org so that you will have assistance to the pressure of unfair settlement, asking you to waive your rights. Don’t be alone and be intimidated by the disturbing tactics of the other side. Call an attorney.

Staying Sober on the Road


There is nothing particularly different from San Diego and other major cities in terms of instances of car accidents. The average of car accidents attributed to drunk driving are somewhat lower compared to other cities but it’s still no cause to celebrate. Through the effort of the police, more and more vehicular accidents from drunk driving are prevented. The authority is adamant in eliminated such accidents entirely, as evidenced by their vigilance and strong resolve in administering field sobriety test to drivers of vehicles that show hints of being driven by an intoxicated driver. If the driver is positively identified to be drunk, they are then arrested and detained.

If the driver does not oblige to a field sobriety test, they are promptly brought to the precinct so that the police officers can administer a blood alcohol test. A blood alcohol level resulting in .08 will mean that the driver is in fact, too intoxicated to drive and will face corresponding charges. Usually, at this point they will summon a San Diego DUI attorney to help them in their predicament.

Interestingly, a lot of arrested DUI offenders think trivially of their arrests. In their perspective, they feel like they are being inconvenienced and punished too harshly for one minor offense. On top of that, their arrest will haunt their records for ten long years. It’s difficult for them to visualize the extent of damage they might have caused had the authorities not stopped them in their tracks. They might have caused a large road accident that could have taken the lives of several other people and even their own. They disregarded their responsibility of keeping the road a safer place and chose to drive in an unstable state.

In the perspective of police officers, innocent bystanders and non-intoxicated drivers on the road, the sanctions for DUI are just. The act of getting inebriated and getting on the highway is without a doubt a very irresponsible choice that puts other people’s lives and properties in danger.

Unfortunately, even if drunk driving is totally eliminated from the society which is highly unlikely in all honesty, there are still going to be vehicular accidents due to other causes. However, those causes are legitimate accidents that can’t be helped through criminal arrests. Learning more about the criminal implications of DUI can be an eye-opener to drunkards everywhere. For reference, here’s an San Diego DUI lawyer who is ready to assist concerns involving DUI and DUI accidents.

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer: how to

Do you need the legal help and guidance of a car accident lawyer as you were implicated in a very serious car accident in which you were severely injured? Are you struggling to recover from the injuries suffered in the accident but at the same time you are ready to fight for your rights and ready to do whatever needs to be done in order to take advantage of your rights? Well-done! The law says that you can ask for financial compensation to cover your medical bills and the financial losses that come from the fact that you can’t go to work. The problem is that numerous drivers who cause accidents refuse to pay financial compensation to victims and choose to fight in the court of law. If the driver who caused the accident in which you were implicated also refuses to pay your financial compensation, you will have to hire a lawyer and start a personal injury lawsuit. Make sure you find a lawyer for car collisions in LA who is highly experienced and trained, a professional who has obtained excellent results with previous customers.


It is with the help of an excellent lawyer that you will easier obtain what you want and that you will increase your chances at receiving a fair amount of money under the form of financial compensation. This is why you need to make sure that you hire the right person and the only way to make this possible is by directing your attention towards the feedback of lawyers working in your area. The feedback is always an excellent source of highly useful information on car accident lawyers, the source you can use in order to direct your attention to the right Los Angeles car accident lawyer to represent your interests in the court of law. There are plenty of people who have gone through a problem similar to yours and who are ready to share their experience with you, so it is important for you to take advantage of this to the fullest. Read their feedback and testimonials and follow their guidance, as they will point out the right lawyers, the ones who have managed to obtain excellent results. You absolutely need the help of a professional with excellent communication skills, highly trained and experienced and ethical yet aggressive in the court of law. It is with the help of such a professional that you will obtain the right amount of money under the form of financial compensation.