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Disadvantages Brought About by DUI Cases


DUI is an acronym for driving under the influence which is also known by other terms in different places such as OPL or over the prescribed limit, and DWI or driving while intoxicated. The major detrimental effect brought about by driving under the influence is DUI related accidents. DUI related accidents may cause damages to the spinal cord, head injuries, paralyzing injuries and it accounts for almost 30 individual deaths every day. Because of the disadvantages of DUI it is considered to be a grave criminal offense and majority of the different States in the U.S. have already implemented stricter laws regarding driving under the influence.

One disadvantage of being convicted with DUI is that your license can be revoked or suspended; because of this your driving rights are momentarily taken away. Depending on the degree of the case, your license can be withdrawn without notice on when it will be given back and may be withdrawn indefinitely. Another consequence brought about by DUI cases are fees and fines; the amount of the fine depends on the degree of damage and number of offenses done. Fees and fines approximately range from $1,500-$2000.

If you have been involved in a DUI case before, it will affect your driving record which can affect your credibility when applying for car insurance. Being involved in a DUI case can incur an expensive premium on your car. Being convicted with DUI can also incur service in the community in the form of voluntary services such as participating in events, cleanups, and charity organizations.

The most grave disadvantage or consequence of being convicted with DUI is serving jail time. Depending on the damages that you have done you may serve from a time of 3 months to over 2 years, what’s even worse is that if you have been involved in a DUI accident that resulted to a felony with injury you may serve jail time to about 5 years. In order to prevent being convicted with DUI it is best that you hire DUI Lawyer Pros.

If you are interested in hiring a DUI lawyer in San Diego it is best that you hire a lawyer that has compassion, ethical, and determined, so you are rest assured that your DUI charge will be dropped. Finding a good lawyer is very significant so that you wouldn’t have to face the consequences and disadvantages mentioned above (brought about by a DUI conviction).

Staying Sober on the Road


There is nothing particularly different from San Diego and other major cities in terms of instances of car accidents. The average of car accidents attributed to drunk driving are somewhat lower compared to other cities but it’s still no cause to celebrate. Through the effort of the police, more and more vehicular accidents from drunk driving are prevented. The authority is adamant in eliminated such accidents entirely, as evidenced by their vigilance and strong resolve in administering field sobriety test to drivers of vehicles that show hints of being driven by an intoxicated driver. If the driver is positively identified to be drunk, they are then arrested and detained.

If the driver does not oblige to a field sobriety test, they are promptly brought to the precinct so that the police officers can administer a blood alcohol test. A blood alcohol level resulting in .08 will mean that the driver is in fact, too intoxicated to drive and will face corresponding charges. Usually, at this point they will summon a San Diego DUI attorney to help them in their predicament.

Interestingly, a lot of arrested DUI offenders think trivially of their arrests. In their perspective, they feel like they are being inconvenienced and punished too harshly for one minor offense. On top of that, their arrest will haunt their records for ten long years. It’s difficult for them to visualize the extent of damage they might have caused had the authorities not stopped them in their tracks. They might have caused a large road accident that could have taken the lives of several other people and even their own. They disregarded their responsibility of keeping the road a safer place and chose to drive in an unstable state.

In the perspective of police officers, innocent bystanders and non-intoxicated drivers on the road, the sanctions for DUI are just. The act of getting inebriated and getting on the highway is without a doubt a very irresponsible choice that puts other people’s lives and properties in danger.

Unfortunately, even if drunk driving is totally eliminated from the society which is highly unlikely in all honesty, there are still going to be vehicular accidents due to other causes. However, those causes are legitimate accidents that can’t be helped through criminal arrests. Learning more about the criminal implications of DUI can be an eye-opener to drunkards everywhere. For reference, here’s an San Diego DUI lawyer who is ready to assist concerns involving DUI and DUI accidents.

Have a Better Chance of Winning with the Best DUI Lawyer in California


Dealing with a DUI charge? If you are, then it is obvious that you are dealing with a stressful situation. If you get caught driving under the influence of drugs, then you are possibly in for a turn in your personal life as well. You won’t just have a problem with money because of everything that you need to pay if you are found guilty. You may even have your license suspended and you can have a record on your name for committing DUI!

The sad thing is, you might have to deal with the consequences for a few years and it can affect your chances in finding jobs, applying in universities and more. This is why you are better off when you hire a Los Angeles DUI attorney. Los Angeles DUI attorneys are knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with different kinds of DUI cases. Also, they know how to check out the entire situation of your arrest and they will discuss the details of your case so you will be able to manage your own expectations and so you can be informed of the possibilities of how your case might end up depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest and the gathered evidences. This is the beauty of having someone who has legal knowledge with DUI cases. The lawyers will be able to tell how the case will go and they would have a counter strategy to get you acquitted or to get you to plead for a lesser crime. Since these lawyers already know the players in the California DUI courts, they would know the best way to deal with the negotiation with the prosecutors assigned to your case. You can either go for pleading to a lesser crime or bargain for a lighter sentence. All you need is someone who knows the ins and outs of the courts when it comes to DUI cases so you have someone who can speak in your behalf. If you want to give yourself a good chance with your DUI charge, the best thing to do is to hire a Los Angeles DUI attorney!

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